Consumerism’s Fridge

Photography Project, lecturer: David Southwood

My theme for 2012 was ‘culture jamming’. For this I took on the role of a social activist. My brand identity for the latter took on the form of Tonic, which was short for Tongue in Cheek. Tonic’s aim, as mentioned earlier, was to hack into and to undermine social actions and norms which, in my opinion, degrades moral values and is both harmful to people and the environmen

Linked to social documentary photography, which in our VCD4 course specified entailed the photographing of an object in a number of differentiating environments, I am using the symbol of a fridge as the personification of consumerism. A fridge is a symbol of “buy as best you can, with as much as you can afford”. My aim was to use a combination of public art and photography to create awareness amongst ordinary people of the consumerist cycle in which they operate. David Southwood, the well-known South African photographer, was our lecturer on this project, for more information on this very talented person, visit


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