Per Adua Ad Astra… A graphic novel, excerpts #1

Per Adua Ad Astra means Through Adversity To The Stars. It is the motto of many contemporary air forces around the world. It also sums-up the life, experiences and fight for survival of many young men in the First World War. To use this summation as a starting point for a graphic novel as part of my MA studies, I had to focus on a combination of human nature and personal human experiences during that 1914-1918 conflict. Below is the first of three instalments of double-page spreads from my visual biography of Andrew Frederick Weatherby (Anthony) Beauchamp-Proctor, VC, DSO, MC & Bar, DFC (1894 – 1921).  Prockie, as he became known to his friends, was a young South African who became one of Britain’s top fighter aces.


45.1. Prockie#1

45.2. Prockie#2

45.3. Prockie#3

45.4. Prockie#4


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