The Bristol and the Fokker, in battledress (airplanes, off course)

To make my illustrations in Per Adua Ad Astra as realistic as possible, I decided that instead of creating scenes of aerial combat from photographs, I would recreate my own dogfights using models. Provided here are Bristol (British) and Fokker (German) biplanes of the First World War. I built these from discarded cardboard, thread, matches and needles. In addition, and with the help of my supervisor, I created two British battledress jackets on which I can mount the medals I made (see my Medals and wings… winged-medals? post). These were eventually displayed as part of my Shun! Master’s final examination exhibition in January 2016.


46.1. Brisfok#1

46.2. Brisfok#2

46.3. WSD-BD#1

46.4. WSD-BD#2


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