Postcards from the battlefront

An illustration speaks more about the illustrator than which is illustrated. Below is a series of three postcards I created in April 2015 as part of establishing my MA research theme which, as mentioned, is titled Shun! and deals with South African involvement in the First World War. In addition, I sent these illustrations to […]

Audience… SHUN! Based on my interest in military history and the approval I received for the five 100 Years drawings I created for my 2014 August Review, I depend my research into the First World War. Specifically, I narrowed my studies on South African involvement in that conflict. I decided to title my work as Shun! Below is a […]

It was the war to end all peace

Given my interest in military history, as well as the dubious honour I was given of pursuing a University- subsidized Master’s course in Visual Arts, I decided to make my area of focus the First World War. Below is a series of five A-2 sized illustrations I created in preparation for establishing my theme. Titled […]