Per Adua Ad Astra… excerpts #2

Through Adversity To The Stars. Below is the second of three instalments of double-page spreads from my visual biography of Andrew Frederick Weatherby (Anthony) Beauchamp-Proctor, VC, DSO, MC & Bar, DFC (1894 – 1921). These illustrations deals with his flight training in England, his joining an operational squadron on the Western Front and aerial combat during […]

Medals and wings… winged-medals?

Although satisfied with my visual diary drawings and First World War research, my lecturers reminded me that these have to be channeled into a master-project. Thus, I focused my Shun! drawings, illustrations and needlework towards the compilation of a graphic novel. Below is medals i created (from needle, thread and tinfoil), air force wings (the […]

Figures and telltales: Diary drawings (3)

Whilst creating diary drawings in 2015 as part of my Shun! research and creative theme, as presented in my two previous posts, I realised that the human nature of the First World War does not differ all that much from our modern-day human nature. Times and circumstances might change, but the fundamental basics of humanity […]